Notícia del High Education Founding Council of Englland (HEFCE) del 6 de desembre de 2006

HEFCE welcomes challenges of Leitch Review

The review of future skills needs in the UK, by Lord Leitch, has now been published.

HEFCE Chief Executive, Professor David Eastwood, said: ‘I warmly welcome the report from the Leitch Review. Lord Leitch rightly sets out targets which will challenge higher education in meeting the country’s future needs for higher level skills. The role of higher education is crucial to driving up economic productivity by adding value both to the individual and to the economy.

‘We welcome the recommendation that some expansion in higher education should be delivered through a demand-led mechanism like Train to Gain. We have already established Higher Level Train to Gain pathfinders in three regions. We will explore with partners how we extend our support for universities and colleges in taking a greater role in workforce development, and extending their capacity to deliver the tailored flexible courses that businesses and individuals need. We look forward to working with the DfES and the HE sector to help realise Lord Leitch’s vision for making the UK a world leader in skills.’

The final report, ‘Prosperity for all in the global economy: world class skills’, is on the review web-site.

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