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Germany is to mobilise funding for further education, wishing to instigate a change in mentality towards lifelong learning.

‘We want a change in mentality, and will create the necessary incentive to mobilise citizens with our initiative,’ said Germany’s Minister for Education and Research, Annette Schavan, as she announced the scheme. Using money put aside for education, the Government wishes to build up employability. ‘The goal is to significantly raise participation in professional further education,’ said the minister.

The new initiative follows the completion of two reports commissioned by the Government. The report proposes three new funding schemes: grants for those pursuing further education; a broadening of the law on capital for further education, allowing money to be released before the end of the current seven-year period; and third, a grant making available funds for cost-intensive measures.

Ms Schavan has welcomed the recommendations and pledged to follow up on them.

Lifelong learning is in urgent need of attention in Germany, according to the experts commissioned to advise the Government. ‘In international comparison, Germany comes off badly, with country-wide participation in further education going backwards since 2000,’ says one of the experts involved, Bert Rürup.

In the latest report from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Germany ranks around the middle of the 30 strongest industrial nations. It is predominantly elder people and those with few qualifications that are using further education opportunities the least. ‘Participation in professional further education not only has a positive effect on economic growth and the development of the employment market, but is also beneficial for every individual,’ says Mr Rürup.

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