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L’OCDE ha publicat avui dos interessants treballs sobre el finançament universitari:

Funding Systems and their Effects on Higher Education Systems – International Report. (Education Working Paper No. 6)


This international study focuses on the funding systems in the area of higher education in the following countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Portugal and Slovak Republic. Each individual country study was designed and conducted within an overall common framework by a project partner from the respective country.

By using the stakeholder approach, this study addresses and analyses the effects of funding systems on the higher education system and its institutions. In order to present a comprehensive overview, the study explicitly takes into account the stakeholders. diversity and explores the effects of how funding systems are perceived and assessed differently.

The overall results, as well as a summary report of each country, are presented in this publication. Information regarding the main features of higher education funding systems, the formal, explicitly stated interrelationships between the funding system and national higher education policies is provided.

Furthermore, the intended and unintended effects of funding systems on higher education in general and on the basic core tasks teaching and research are described and discussed. Institutional strategic responses to the respective funding systems are outlined. The various stakeholders. points of view concerning strengths and weaknesses of funding systems are explored by the researchers.

This comprehensive report presents an overview of the most important results and conclusions tus far, but cannot presently provide details. The detailed results and stakeholder views have been focused on in each country.s individual report. In addition, the main theoretical foundations related to the study results have been briefly described.

On the edge: securing a sustainable future for higher education. Report of the OECD/IMHE-HEFCE Project on Financial Management and Governance of Higher Education Institutions. (Education Working Paper No. 7)


As higher education has grown and state funding has been constrained, the financial sustainability of institutions of higher education has become an issue for policy makers and for those who govern and manage these institutions. The challenge for governments is to ensure that increasingly autonomous institutions respond to public interest agendas while taking a greater responsibility for their own financial sustainability. The challenge for institutions is to manage an increasingly complex portfolio of aims and funding. This report examines the conditions needed to secure financial sustainability for the future from the national (policy) and institutional (management) perspectives.

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