Enric I. Canela

Segons l’OCDE, a Espanya li cal fer més per reduir la desocupació juvenil i la precarietat en l’ocupació.

L’informe de l’OCDE recomana

  • Increase participation in early childhood education and ensure sustained support. Early childcare services could benefit from additional public help. Particular attention should be paid to ensure that these services reach children at the highest risk of dropping out of school and that support is sustained during schooling.
  • Ensure availability of apprenticeships in firms for all students attending vocational education. Apprenticeships are much less developed in Spain than in other OECD countries. It is essential to ensure that in-work training is available to all students attending vocational education. This requires greater participation of business associations in the design of curricula. Particular attention should be paid to setting the apprenticeship wage at a level that reflects the training efforts of employers, thus ensuring that sufficient apprenticeship places are available.
  • Develop short-cycle university degrees and encourage attendance in these courses. University studies in Spain need to be less theoretical and more related to the needs of the labour market. Short-cycle university degrees would help to achieve this.
  • Achieve greater convergence in the treatment of temporary versus permanent contracts. Reducing the difference in dismissal compensation between temporary and permanent contracts would improve employers’ incentives to provide more stable jobs to young people – by either converting temporary contracts into permanent ones, or recruiting directly under permanent contracts.
  • Increase the length of the trial period in permanent contracts. The current statutory trial period in permanent contracts is among the shortest in OECD countries and collective agreements often negotiate shorter lengths. Raising it would make employers less reluctant to hire inexperienced young people under permanent contracts and could provide a crucial boost to hiring.
  • Ensure that effective employment services for unemployed young people are provided at an early stage. Young people should participate in intensive, personalised interviews with employment counsellors. If they are unsuccessful in finding work after searching for between three and six months, they should be provided with an opportunity to i) participate in a well-designed programme; ii) work as part of a targeted subsidised scheme; or iii) go back to school.

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