Enric I. Canela

El web Investing i Europea de la Comissió Europea publica les principals xifres del 2007. No sembla que les coses vagin massa bé.

Highlights of the Key Figures include discussion of the following topics:

  • The diminishing weight of Europe in the multi-polar world of science and technology, and its implications for research strategies
  • Transition towards knowledge-intensive economies: the need to intensify the pace of Lisbon-driven reforms
  • The nature and dynamics of the EU’s industrial structure is the reason for the R&D investment deficit with the US
  • The important role of the public sector
  • Less opportunities for high-tech venture capital
  • Research excellence: the EU remains second behind the US, but excels in traditional domains
  • Scientific output is more dispersed across scientific disciplines in the EU than in the US
  • Knowledge flows from science to technology are weaker in the EU
  • Weaker high-tech performance in the EU

More details can be found in the press release and in the pre-publication version of the full document

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