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Llegeixo al web de la EUA que en la primera reunió mundial sobre educació de postgrau, que es va celebrar a Banff, Canadà, a principis d’aquest mes, responsables l’ensenyament superior d’Amèrica del Nord, Europa, i Oceania i el Pacífic Sud van signar una Declaració de Principis. La Declaració és la següent:


Banff Principles on Graduate Education

Graduate education, involving both masters and doctoral programs, is the key to creating a knowledge-based economy. While graduate education is in transition globally, the Banff Summit is an important step towards establishing inclusive, international collaborative action to support and strengthen graduate education through the sharing of best practices.

As a result of our deliberations, we offer nine principles to guide our future collective and collaborative work to advance and improve graduate education.

• Respect and learn from the differences in programs and their modes of delivery directed towards our common goal
• Promote the quality of graduate programs
• Develop global career competencies and awareness in graduates
• Encourage innovation in programs and graduates
• Clarify and strengthen the role of the masters degree
• Promote high-quality inter-university collaborative programs across national boundaries
• Review and understand the global flow of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows (early stage researchers)
• Engage stakeholders, e.g. employers, policy makers and universities, to improve and advance graduate education in a global context

• Establish an inclusive global platform for discussion of best practices in graduate education

Agreed to on 1 September 2007 by:
Council of Graduate Schools (U.S.)
European University Association
Canadian Association for Graduate Studies
Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies (Australia)
The Association of Chinese Graduate Schools

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