Enric I. Canela

Moltes referències a l’Estat espanyol a l’article A PhD with your coffee? Barista serving your drink might be better educated than you are. A ‘lost generation’ from recession-hit Europe flocks to Britain to seek work – and finds it’s not always what they hoped it would be. (De Will Coldwell – The Independent, 22-10-2013)

Diu gairebé en començar: Dubbed the “lost generation”, it is not hard to come by the stories of the qualified and aspirational young people from countries such as Spain, Portugal and Greece who are struggling to find employment in the UK.

Cal que estiguem orgullosos de formar els cambrers millor preparats de la història. Gràcies Mariano, gràcies Cristóbal!

Haurem de pensar si en el doctorat industrial fem convenis amb Pubs anglesos.

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